ÍTACA Accelerator

"Keep Ithaca always in your mind. The arrival there is your destiny. But do not hurry your journey at all." Let's walk together!

Because the valuable thing is the journey itself.

Ítaca Accelerator is inspired by the metaphor proposed by Homer's Odyssey.

In the novel, Ulysses faces all kinds of adventures and dangers on his journey to Ítaca and after a long journey, full of challenges and learnings, he manages to arrive.

At eMascaró, we rely on the wisdom of this idea to found the Ítaca Accelerator.

The purpose is to accompany and guide you on your way to your Ithaca with the experience and knowledge of our team. We provide you with technological resources, creative tools and strategic mentors that will help you strengthen your project.

We make infrastructures, capital and stakeholders available to you so that you can carry out your creative idea and turn it into a successful digital experience.

Because the decisive factor, for advancement or not, is never in "the conditions" of the path. The decisive factor is the walker.

Let's move forward together!

eAgora - The Platform that Connects Us

Transform your community through the first solution that integrates communication and engagement to connect people and entities with your sustainable development goals.

In eAgora we generate the context for things to happen. We are the framework that makes the relationship with communities visible and democratic.

We change the way we connect with the environment. We go further.

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Identify - Enjoy Culture

Identify is your travel App to plan what to see on your weekend getaways. Identify all the cultural spots around you and win!

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Bold Drinks - Be Bold

We are brave, daring, curious and we are here for you to dance, laugh, enjoy and flow with us. We are bold, original and transparent. Like our cocktails. Because, we also make cocktails.

Yes, there is only one life...


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